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Estate Services
What are estate services?

Estate Services are any number of different services that we provide in a combination to meet all of your needs. We handle everything to help you either close out an estate or help you transition to your new home. These services can include auctioning of the contents of the home, contents of safety deposit boxes, automobiles, and even your home. It could also include the complete clean out of the home and real estate preparation. This is done to prepare or stage the home for settlement and or the photographers.

  • Auction valuables and luxury collectibles, antiques, fine art, & more

  • Auction your home, (average commission 2% not the 6% most realtors charge)

  • Auction unwanted vehicles

  • Clean out your home and get it ready for the photographer for listing or settlement 

  • Handle all recycling that comes with downsizing including old cabinet style televisions, paints, chemicals, un-sellable mattress sets, and more

  • Shredding of personal documents

  • Appraisals of valuables, luxury goods, & safe deposit boxes at your bank

  • Moving across town, the state, or the country we are contractors with Ace Relocation Systems and Atlas Van LinesAuction the contents or select items from your ho

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