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At Saucon Valley Auction, we offer competitive, world-class auction services that are completely customized for your needs. We are one of the only  auction company in the tri-state area that uses up to 5 online bidding platforms to GUARANTEE maximum exposure and the ability to earn the highest possible returns for your items. This method dramatically increases competition and your bottom line. We offer in-house bidding, absentee, and live phone bidding. This gives us one of the world’s largest base of buyers. Each item can gather thousands of unique views and bids between live and online auctions. This in conjunction with our marketing, knowledge, and competitive rates, makes Saucon Valley Auction the best option in Lehigh Valley, Montgomery County, Philadelphia and the entire Delaware Valley.

Vintage Jewelry

Auction choices to serve all of your needs
1.  On site auction with buyers and bidders present


2. On-site / online auction. There are no people at the home during the bidding process but come to pick up their winnings directly from the residence on our schedule with our supervision.

3. Local estates auction this is our monthly auction where we sell the majority of everyday items that you would find in the home this could include entry-level antiques, collectibles, costume jewelry, automobiles, tools, yard equipment, anything that has good value and can be sold online.

4. Catalog sales, our top auction process, we have these at least once a quarter. It receives world-wide bidding, this is for the finest items that we consign from you. These auctions are listed on five different online auction platforms concurrently competing against each other. These combined sites have well over 50 million registered bidders active online every month. This sale type is reserved for the finest items, antiquities, jewelry, silver, gold, coins, fine Art luxury goods, automobiles and other luxury collectibles.

5. Real estate auctions are strictly for the sale of your home. There are many reasons why you would want to sell your home at auction.

  • reduced commission (2% average)

  • well lived in, (less than perfect condition)

  • sell with no inspections

  • offer no guarantees or warranties

  • sell on the date you choose


6. Automobiles and equipment auctions are something we specialize in. Automobiles, motorcycles, equipment, etc. are sold online opening up the market to your consignment. They are not sold just locally but across the country and across the world . These types of items when in good condition receive some of our biggest discounts, typically putting a lot more revenue in your pocket where it belongs.

Auction Hammer
Antique Chest
Antique Vase
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